History of Technology

At the beginning of human information Technology developed during this period serves as a system for the introduction of the forms they know. They describe the information they find on the walls of the cave, about hunting and animal prey. At this time they began to recognize objects that exist in the ecosystem they live and express it with the forms which they painted on cave walls where they live, because of their ability in speaking only revolve around the form of grunts and hand signals as a form their initial communication at this time.

History in the Period (3000 BCE s / d 1400 AD), the information technology has not become a mass technology as you know it today, information technology is still used by a limited circle, used on special occasions and costs a lot. For the first time the writing used by the Sumerians with symbols formed from letters pictograph. Symbols or letters also has a form different sounds (mentions), so as to become words, sentences, and language.